Axle Spacer ABS "Eliminator"

$ 119.00 $ 125.00

Renegade Wheels “Eliminator” axle spacers eliminate the drab stock axle spacers on Harley Davidsons ever popular touring models. These are cut and tapered to the exact diameter of the edge of all of Harley Davidson’s

Eliminator stock wheel hubs and flow with the lines of the rim perfectly. These axle spacers are for those who appreciate fine details and seek to perfect the already near perfect lines of the bagger. For ABS motorcycles there is a matching ABS pickup cover, and for NON-ABS motorcycles there is a standard spacer.

Available in brushed, black anodized or chrome finishes, these axle spacers are a must. Chrome and black anodized finish $119.95 per set, brushed finish $99.95 per set. Contact Renegade Wheels (714)998-7241

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